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MS-5145 Eclipse 1D

///MS-5145 Eclipse 1D

MS-5145 Eclipse 1D


    Quick Specs (for full specifications, please refer to the download tab. Full specifications can be found in the data sheet or user’s guide)
    Depth of Scan Field: 0 mm – 140 mm (0” – 5.5”) for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar codes
    Width of Scan Field: 49 mm (1.9”) @ face; 195 mm (7.7”) @ 140 mm (5.5”)
    Scan Speed: 72 scan lines per second
    Minimum Bar Width: 0.102 mm (4 mil)
    System Interfaces: PC Keyboard Wedge, RS232, IBM 468x/469x, Stand Alone Keyboard, USB
    Light Source: Visible Laser Diode 650 nm ± 10 nm

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Metrologic Eclipse is a single-line, handheld laser scanner. Equipped with Metrologic patented CodeGate technology, Eclipse can be used in a wide variety of applications. CodeGate technology allows the user to easily target the desired bar code and complete the data transmission with a simple press of a button. This makes Eclipse a perfect selection for menu scanning, point-of-sale, document processing and inventory control.


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